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OUGD603: Evaluations

BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Submission Boards

BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Photography

Before shooting the images in the photography studio we planned out exactly what we needed to photography as well as the composition of these shots, this streamlined the photographing process and ensured we got all the shots we needed.

BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Application in Context

BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Final Video

 Complete video also available for viewing on CD in submission folder

BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Filming and Editing the Video


BRIEF 3: DESIGN - Animating the Application

In order for the application within the video to appear as if it's a real iPad application I used After Effects to translate my still Photoshop images into a short videos it's demonstrated how the actual app would work. I have a short clip for each of the scenes within the story board. I then loaded these video on to my iPad to test to see if they were the right size and the elements of UI were the right size as well as checking the video's ran smoothly so it appears like a real app. 


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